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MakianDam Pars

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Iran - Tehran - Tohid SQ

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+982166597230 - +982166432702

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Iran Impex Expo 2019


Makiandampars Company started its activity in 2004 with the aim of importing and distribution requirements of livestock and poultry operations. The company utilizes its experts, particularly in the poultry industry to reduce production costs and productivity. Our Company focus is on producing concentrates for broilers and commercial layers with the best quality and import different types of feed additives from Japan, Germany , Austria and Switzerland. In 2018 Makian Dam Pars Company is introduced as an Iranian knowledge-based company with the aim of produce and supply herbal and natural veterinary products in order to promote public health. the carefully chosen team of highly qualified scientists and veterinarians use innovative and safe manufacturing methods to produce highest quality veterinary drugs. Reliable supply, high customer service and technical support with product development and formulation have made Makian Dam Pars Company one of the fastest growing organization in the field of herbal veterinary drugs.

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